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Many of you have inquired about shopping for Funky Threadz online and the truth is, my online store is pretty empty right now. Because each piece is handmade and there are only a certain amount of hours in the day, there is simply not enough time in the day for me to sew, do live events and stock my online store.

If you have seen something at a previous show or online and want to know if it is available for purchase, please email me or send me a message via my Facebook page and we can easily complete an online transaction. I am happy to ship the wearable art!

Thanks for understanding and have a great day!



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  1. Kathi Newsham

    Hi Barb, Wore one of your tops I purchased during our Art Fair( the multi brow/purple/green floral) to the Home Tours today here in town & received TONS of comments on how cute/unique it was so I just had to let you know–I told folks what the e-mail address was & also told a few your name, so I hope that will produce some more clients for you.My friend saw you last week & she told me that you did have the ruffled jean jacket in a 1X at home , but right now I have to pass because I’m going on a mini up north weekend this week. If I win at the casino, I’llbe shopping!!! Thanks for your talent, Kathi Newsham

  2. Michele Eppel

    I just purchased a shirt at a new Traverse City shop. I just love it! I would like to purchase another!

    1. kelli Post author

      That is wonderful to hear! I’ll send you an email message shortly and we can figure out a way to get you another one.
      Thanks for your business!

  3. Darlene Riley

    I bought a skirt from the arts
    ,beats, and eats in Royal Oak last week, wore my skirt and received tons of compliments. I provided them your website. Thanks I love my skirt need to get another

  4. Pam Butler

    When will you put some of your items back on Etsy? I have purchased before from you, but I live in TN and can’t get to your shows. I was drooling, looking through the Gallery, and now I’m craving a jacket, or maybe a sleeveless hooded top to wear as a layering piece. Keep us posted when Etsy has stuff in it! :) Thx!

  5. Markita

    I just bought a Detroit Tigers skirt today in Rochester MI art fair!! Love my Skirt can’t wait to wear it!!

  6. Carolyn ward

    Hi, I saw a woman tonight with the cutest holiday skirt at Henry ford museum. I asked her where she got it and she said a craft fair at divine child and I asked who and she showed me the tag. It had the tshirt with Santa and believe on it. I’d love to order one. I’m a size 10; large. Let me know if any available. Thanks

  7. Jen Tafel

    I am on love with your Red Wing skirt. I have seen your Detroit Tigers one in person. A friend has it. Love love! How can I go about ordering? And prices please.

  8. Rosemary Kinderman

    Hi this is Rose from A Hat Like That. We missed you at Wheatland this year ! Denise and I didn’t vend there this year, Denise took a year off. She still works at a full time job as well as making her hats and she needed to take a break. We went as tourists this year. What a difference not being able to get in early! We hope to get a booth spot next year . I just wanted to tell you how much I have loved my wrap I bought from you. It’s the ones that you make out of pieces of sweaters. Every time I wear it I get compliments, even from men! It makes my outfits just come together. I was hoping to get another from you . I hope you make more! Hope all is well and keep up the great sewing!
    Rose Kinderman

    1. kelli Post author


      So nice to hear from you and I am thrilled you like your wrap. I missed being at Wheatland too, hopefully they will accept me in 2018 (and you too)! That event is so much fun.
      I’m making more of the sweater wraps, so if you happen to catch me at a future show you can browse the selection. Alternatively I can always work with you via email to get another one in your hands.

      Thanks again for the kind compliments, it’s messages like this that make my day!


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